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Classic and Music Bingo

We have a great risk assessment, which hardly changes the game at all, to make sure we can play Bingo & Music Bingo COVID securely!

Bingo is great for parties, fund raising, pubs, clubs, and fun for all the family.

Who doesn't know what number I mean when I say "Kelly's Eye" or "Top Of The Shop"?
Bingo brings the thrill of gambling with a game of chance, and the anticipation of BINGO!

We use industry leading software to play a game of 75 (Prize Bingo), 80 (American Style) or 90 (Standard UK) bingo with your guests.

We can even customise the ticket printing to feature your logo and slogan, or even have your guests use a BINGO App on their Android device! (Due to software limitations, iOS is not currently supported.)

Want to go one better? Let's replace the numbers with Music Tracks!!!

Event FAQs

1What is included?
All equipment and licenses are in place to run a successful Bingo Session, whether you want us to call numbers, or play music! We even provide tickets and markers (although we know most bingo players like to bring their own "dabbers" for luck!)
2What do I need to provide?
If you are happy with us charging your guests for their tickets, then you don't need to provide anything but a venue with power! If you want to provide a large screen to display the game thats up to you, but not necessary!

If you want your guests to get their tickets for free, then you will be responsible for providing prizes.
3How long does the event usually last?
Bingo can last as long as you want it to. Typically a 6-ticket game lasts around 2 hours with a couple of breaks in the middle.
4Is this event suitable for Under 18s?
If we are charging for tickets, then unfortunately it is classed as gambling in the UK and can only be provided to over 18s. If you provide the prizes then all are welcome.