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Bonkers Bingo

Due to the high energy, and contact that happens in our Bonkers Bingo Party Night, we are currently not providing this service.

Becoming a more and more popular night out, Bonkers Bingo is not for the faint hearted!

Mix your typical dance party, with a game of bingo, Add a splash of comedy, and a dash of drag. Your guests will be talking about your party time and time again.

We offer this service, fully customised to your needs, hit the enquiry button below to get more details!

Event FAQs

1What is included?
All equipment and 2 hosts will be provided for this event. All prizes, including dummy prizes are included in the cost of the event, so we suggest you charge a ticket price of approx £10 per person.
2What do I need to provide?
A private room large enough for your guests and our games, as well as a power supply.
3How long does the event usually last?
Between 2 and 3 hours depending on requested format.
4Is this event suitable for Under 18s?
No. This event is aimed at 18+ only. As the game includes a level of gambling, adult humour and god forbid, may even include a bit of good old fashioned nudity, our organisers will ensure each participant is old enough. Please ensure your guests bring I.D. if they're lucky enough to look under 18!