Disco and Karaoke

COVID19: Disco's are currently limited in terms of volume allowed, and dancing is unfortunately still not allowed. Due to risk of transmission from microphones and aerosol, Karaoke is currently still unavailable.

What party or event is complete without a Disco? and maybe even Karaoke!

We can provide a full disco and / or karaoke experience for your event. Set lists can be customised to your event type, you can choose everything from individual songs, to styles or genres of music. You can also just leave it up to us to read the crowd and play those tunes.
All of our music is licensed to be played in a public environment, as long as the premises is licensed to play such music (all pubs and clubs have this license as part of their alcohol sales licenses, however there could be restrictions).

Karaoke is the peoples "marmite", they either love it or hate it. That's why it's an add-on service for us! Unless you say you want karaoke, it won't be included.

Event FAQs

1What is included?
All equipment and music as well as one of our experienced party DJs who will be there for the entire event.
We also provide lighting effects and a P.A. system is available should you wish to make any speeches or announcements.

If you decide to add-on Karaoke, we also provide a number of microphones and display equipment for your singers.
2What do I need to provide?
All we need from you is at a minimum, a rough guide to the style of event and what kind of music you require. The venue must also be able to provide power (at least 2 sockets are required).
3How long does the event usually last?
This is entirely up to you and will be quoted as per your start and finish times.
The only timing restrictions will be as per the event venue and their applicable license.
4Is this event suitable for Under 18s?
We leave this up to the children's parents discretion. Some of our music, as per the official charts, do contain lyrics that would have a parental advisory.

We do, however, try to stick to the general "watershed" rule - we will try to only play these tracks after 9pm.