Virtual Racing Event - Mike Newell Events

A Night At The Races!

Race Nights are possible during COVID restrictions. We have a full COVID secure guide to completing this.

Want to raise money for charity, whilst increasing your bar sales? Why not hold a virtual race night!

Your punters and tipsters will love the atmosphere of a private race night where they can bet on their favourite GeeGee's and bag themselves some prizes!

Event FAQs

1What is included?
We provide the full kit, and a host for your event.
The kit includes a series of horse racing videos, betting slips, and tote information.

The funds from the event are all recorded and are yours to do with whatever you wish - however, we have found donating these funds to a charity, or good cause, gives the best event result.
2What do I need to provide?
All you need to provide is a room, and power. We can even bring along our own big screen and projector! (Unless you already have one!)
3How long does the event usually last?
Typical race nights run for a few hours. Timing can be changed to suit your needs though!
4Is this event suitable for Under 18s?
As the event includes a level of gambling, children are unable to participate, however they are allowed to be on the premises at the time.

Our event host will ask anyone who looks young enough for proof they are over 18!