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How to Play SpeedQuizzing! (In Venue)

These instructions refer to SpeedQuizzing in a venue, there are differences if you are playing SpeedQuizzing Live! (Over Zoom or other conferencing service.

How To Play

Your Quiz host is a professional and will make sure you know exactly how to play, but here's a round up of the key game features...

speedquizzing letters question

Letters Questions

This is the most common question type in SpeedQuizzing. In this question type, we're looking for the FIRST letter of your answer.

Keep In Mind, however...

If we ask for someones name, we want the FIRST letter of their FIRST name. (e.g. Paul McCartney would be "P")

We don't use titles in SpeedQuizzing, (e.g. "Queen Elizabeth" would be answered "E").

The words "the" and "a" are far too common, so we just ignore these words. (e.g. The Lion King would be answered "L", and "A Quiet Place" would be answered "Q").
speedquizzing number question

Numbers Questions

Numbers questions are really simple. Just enter the number you think is the answer and tap "enter".
speedquizzing multiple choice

Multiple Choice Questions

Simply listen to the host read out the choices, and press the letter corresponding to the correct answer. (In some cases, once the question is read out, it will be displayed on a big screen in the venue!)
speedquizzing sequence question

Sequence Questions

Your handset will display a series of buttons with words or numbers on them. Listen to the question, and tap the choices in the correct order.

A number will appear on each choice to show the sequence you've selected.

Your answer is not locked in until ALL items have been tapped. Made a mistake? Right up until you press the last button, you can simply tap an answer again to remove its order!


Please Just Ask...

If there is anything you're unsure of, or just want to check, please to speak to the quiz host.... we're a friendly bunch!